Thursday, 28 February 2013

Botanical Colors - (and Saxon Blue!)

Samples of wool hand dyed with Botanical Colors Saxon Blue - Liquid Indigo. The sample skein on the left was also dyed with Liquid Himalayan Rhubarb  to create a green shade and the skein on the right was also dyed with Liquid Lac to create a purple shade
Liquid Indigo - Saxon Blue for vatless indigo dyeing

Not really my blog post but I thought I'd borrow this from our news page with an update. This was the original news item in case you missed it....

"For those of you who were followers of renowned natural dyer Jenny Dean's website before it was hacked, you will be pleased to know that it is now back up and running and every bit as good as before! In addition to a very interesting post on chickweed as a possible mordant and a great post on Celtic dyes, Jenny has been busy experimenting with our Botanical Colors liquid natural dye extracts. For a review of her findings (and some lovely photos!) please click here to visit Jenny Dean's website

Unfortunately, it would appear that Jenny has once again been the victim of hacking (honestly, wouldn't you think people had better things to do than spoil someone's hard work?). However, on the positive side, it's still possible to access the blog at the link above and there is info there about how to contact Jenny. Even more positive is news that her latest book is on its way to the publishers. I shall be first in the queue for a copy and we'll be planning to stock it I'm sure!

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