Saturday, 18 August 2012

Punx Inna Jungle - Part I

Had forgotten about this!

Harking back to earlier this year, a great event at a fab venue - Antwerp Mansion - quirky, eccentric and unique.

Not one for the squishy sofa and soft lighting lover, but plenty of grungy good atmosphere. A hiccup with the venue's liquor licence meant we had to turn up with carrier bags of alcohol - haven't done that in a while!

Our destination band was Sonic Boom Six but we also took in sets from Old Radio, Colt 45, Captain Hotknives, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and Faintest Idea. The band pics aren't great but you get the gist.

As well as music, the venue also runs arts,  film and other great events. All funds are used to help restore this great building, a hidden gem in the centre of Rusholme, so keep an eye out for upcoming events. (Oh, for the artists out there you can also hire the venue or exhibit your work there).

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