Friday, 20 April 2012

February clubs - Golden Daffodils

February's club yarn was a bit special as it's one of three new yarns I'll be showcasing at Wonderwool at the end of this month.

All three new yarns are a blend of beautiful fibres from British sheep and are a little unusual for us in that they are marls rather than being pure white. I designed them specifically to allow interesting dyeing effects to be created by combining white plies with naturally coloured plies. (And the natural colours are so pretty they're equally nice undyed!).

Anyway, I digress!

So for February club members there was a sneak preview of one of these yarns, hand-dyed to reflect the fabulous colours of spring daffodils. As the darker ply runs right through the yarn it gives a lovely strong background of continuous colour against the brighter, tonal shades of the dyed plies. As you can tell, I'm having a lot of fun with this process so watch this space!

Here's Pipit, two white plies of lovely Exmoor Blueface and one of Zwartbles...

And to complement the marl yarn, a humbug roving in lovely British Bluefaced Leicester....

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