Thursday, 19 April 2012

Didn't we have a lovely time... the Stitch & Craft show in Birmingham!

With not one, but three halls, it was quite an achievement just to get round it all!

Nonetheless, Julia and I are never ones to pass up a challenge (particularly of a retail/crafty nature!) and we had a fab time. It's so long since we've been to an event together, it was great just to spend a full day spoiling ourselves with lots of chat, exciting displays (and not a little shopping - well, I don't get much chance as I'm normally trading - and that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!).

We were very good, with judiciously chosen purchases and we're now planning some playtime to have a bit of fun experimenting with our new goodies.

Here's my little haul....

Fabric for my OCA course - mainly small oddments and offcuts in scrummy colours (and for charity so entirely justifiable);

A screen for some screenprinting (new project in progress - more news to follow!);

An amazing new product called eco-plastic for making jewellery and accessories (gratuitous treat)

Oh, and we got a very useful (and essential as it turned out) freebie bag from Crafty Bob at Craftsuprint.

I also purchased some super books by the talented Helen Deighan (this is one of her projects - isn't it awesome?)

And it would be rude of me not to share some of the fabulous work that was being exhibited, wouldn't it? Here is a very small selection.....(with apologies to anyone whose name isn't on the pic with their piece. I did try to get names as well as pics of everyone's gorgeous work).

Costumes from Downton Abbey

 The Postcard Challenge by the West Country Embroiderers

Rainbows and amazing work in quilt and stitch by members of the Quilters' Guild

Look out for more pics on my Pinterest boards :-)

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