Sunday, 8 January 2012

Clubs catch-up - May 2011 - Stained Glass

Hot on the heels of April's offering, I give you May club piccies -

Stained Glass...
(sunglasses recommended for the delicate of vision - or those with large, hi-res monitors!)

Roving Medley - Falkland roving

Sock club - Superwash wool/nylon

Fibre Adventure Club - Falkand roving, baby alpaca fleece (I could curl up and hibernate in this stuff!) and silk hankies.


Susan D said...

Love the colours.

Susses spindehjørne said...

Hi Debbie, it´s just awsome. Lovely dying. I have a 6 month sock yarn membership, but can´t remember when I have to re- sign up for 6 more month. Is it following the year or when I started the membership up?

Debbie said...

Thank you Susan : )

Susses, delighted you're enjoying the Sock Club. I'll send you an email with your renewal info. Debbie x

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