Tuesday, 13 September 2011

"Photo-story" - or a catch up in photos

(pic-heavy post - you have been warned!)

Anyone remember photo-stories in Jackie and Blue Jeans (erm, am I showing my age a bit here)? Well, as I'm so far behind with my blogging I thought I'd do a photo-story of my own...(no speech bubbles, dramatic expressions or dodgy 80's outfits you'll be pleased to hear). Oh, if you have no idea what I'm talking about (or want a sneaky reminder here you go (promise I won't tell anyone!).

So, the last few months there have been....

A fab dyeing workshop at Purl City Yarns- many thanks to the lovely students who attended and to PCY for inviting me to teach at their lovely venue : ) 

You may recall I joined The Textile Club at the Creative Recycling Gallery in Chorlton? It is such a lovely creative hideaway in the Sculpture Garden, a tranquil courtyard full of exciting art. And of course, being in Chorlton there's no shortage of yummy cafes to visit, as well as the essential shopping trip to Unicorn Grocery and the Barbakan Deli. Takes me back to being a student (sighs wistfully).

For the first meeting we made tassels....

The second meeting was a general gathering, sharing work in progress,

 and discussing projects (oh, and tea and homemade biscuits)

A spot of volunteering next at Creative Stitches in Liverpool....

No photos of us (that's Julia and I), but, far more interesting, some of the exhibits.

On the Beadworkers' Guild stand, one for the DH and Dr Who geeks fans everywhere...
A Dr Who scene made entirely in beadwork - how awesome is that?

Next up the knitted Above and Below the Waves exhibition, masterminded by creative genius Alison Murray.

Thank you to UKHandknitting and to KnittyFred for his hard work co-ordinating proceedings : )

And a very civilised "Ladies What Lunch" meet-up for shopping and lunch with Caroline and Tracey

We must do this again soon : ))

And this is one for Helen (aka My Heart Exposed). A braid of beautiful fibre I received from her in a Secret Santa Swap. I haven't forgotten it Helen, it will be socks, honest! It is proving lovely to spin and the colours are gorgeous.

Well, we'll call that episode one before you all keel over with boredom (or your iphones crash). Clubs, Summer School, workshops and more to come....!


Libby said...

Have you got a crafty DW thing? I have no wild card for tomorrow night's recording. (I haven't even watched the third episode yet!) Sadly I can't use this one as Pete already did. Poop!

Debbie said...

Nothing immediately comes to mind but if I think of one, I'll let you know.

NorthernDyes said...

Sure you will... I've heard about the auction... ;P

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