Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sketchbook pages two and three - Wash and Leave(s)

Lots of dyeing to do today but thought I'd do a quick update of my sketchbook pages before I accidentally delete them off the camera!

Page two version 1.... (watercolour wash with black pen "clouds")

Page two version 2... (watercolour wash with ink "flowers")

Page three version 1... (inspired by the leaf shape above, pen, pastels and some interesting platinum pink pearlescent metallic paint I found in my artbox!)

Page three version two.....(a collage based on a very prolific weed with very pretty leaves from our garden).

Preferences from these two pages are the second version of page two - the first version is just not very exciting and looks like a landscape gone wrong! I like the boldness of the second one. Page three I think the collage as it's a bit different, using a combination of fabric and old wallpapers from a fabric/wallpaper sample book. I think a wash over the page on the collage might have been a good idea to bring out the white shapes.

1 comment:

Crobbles said...

I love page three, version 1. They look more like sea shells than leaves with that pearlescent paint.
Keep up the great work... I'll be posting pages 8 and 9 soon.

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