Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Knitting Club week two - quick learners!

Today was the second week of Knitting Club at the DS's school. An excellent turnout of enthusiastic girls (no boys yet, but maybe next time!). After casting on and a bit of knitting last week, this week everyone was making great progress on their garter stitch i-pod/i-phone/mobile phone covers (what did we make before electronic gadgetry?). Even tho' the girls couldn't take their needles home last week it was  amazing how quickly they picked up garter stitch and started producing their knitted fabrics. I am seriously enjoying this teaching thing....


natalie said...

You are very brave!
What will the next project be?

Debbie said...

Not really, extra-curricular activities are optional so my audience is very keen and well-behaved! I'm not sure I'd be so lucky if I was teaching calculus or simultaneous equations (due apologies to any maths buffs out there!).

Oh, next project is knitted critters/monsters/bunnies (or monster-bunnies, or critter-monsters...)

Crobbles said...

Sounds Fab :-)
I'm looking forward to seeing some 'monster-critter-bunnies'!

Have you seen the little egg shaped bunny that uses a cream egg to fill the body? They might like those.





V x x x

Debbie said...

Ooh, nice ideas V - I'm sure the girls will enjoy making those in the run-up to Easter : )

Shani said...

Sounds fantastic !! best wishes Shani

stormina_teacup said...

Sounds great Debbie - well done you!! Lx

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