Friday, 7 January 2011

December clubs - Winter Jasmine

 For the final club of 2010 it was difficult to ignore snow when it came to thinking about an appropriate colourway. Of course, snow being white it doesn't make for a good colourway on its own (!) so I had to be a bit creative. Whilst there isn't an abundance of colour at this time of year, there are one or two brave plants that flower from now until Spring, standing out amidst the snow and grey weather to remind us that there is still life under the frozen soil. One of my favourites is the winter jasmine. Its vibrant yellow flowers seem almost to be defying winter to crush their spirit as they spring from woody grey stems that look all but dead. And so, Winter Jasmine inspired December's colourway, with a roving of Whitefaced Woodland for roving medley members, Adventure Club members received a lovely braid of kid mohair,

gotland fleece (below) and Whitefaced Woodland roving. (Apologies for the lack of roving photo, somehow all the parcels were posted and extras sold before I had chance to photograph it, so if anyone has a pic do send it in as it's nice to have record of all the fibres for my recipe books!).
For sock club members I chose a lovely high-twist merino.

And I couldn't finish the year without saying a huge thank you to all my Club Members! Your emails, photos and projects are truly inspiring and I hope you'll continue to keep me up to date with your plans and pictures next year! : )))


skeinqueen said...

Gorgeous, Debbie!

Crobbles said...

Fantastic :-)
I love winter Jasmine. I had some in Devon but we don't have any in our garden. I think I'll have to get some.

Debbie said...

Thank you : )

Remind me and I'll pot you up a cutting from ours, V - it seems to pop up all over come springtime.

Curvyjax said...

I got the roving - and it's spinning up beautifully. I'm using a worsted draw and haven't split the roving, trying to get long colour repeats and so far it's working well. Will try a take a photo of the roving that's left for you - but my camera screen broke over christmas so it's a bit hit & miss!

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