Monday, 2 August 2010

Alston Hall dyeing weekend

Alston Hall was every bit as lovely as it looked from my earlier post!

I had a terrific weekend with a great group of people, ate far too much lovely food and generally had a brilliant time. The facilities at Alston Hall (did I mention the excellent food?) are great and the staff were so helpful. I even had a drying room for all the yummy skeins and blanks!

Sarah Lamb was teaching knotted pile weaving in the main hall and her group produced some lovely work. Sarah is a terrific weaver and I was wishing I could be in two places at once so I could have taken her class too! I didn't get much chance to get out and take pics of the hall which was a shame as it really is magnificent, but there are lots of dyeing pics on the album here.

Thanks to all my students, to Carol and the Craven Guild for the invitation and to the Alston Hall staff for their hospitality : ))

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