Thursday, 15 July 2010

Club pics - Midnight Sun

Wow, lots to catch up on!

Here are pics from May's clubs:

Sock club in soft and squishy superwash Merino/nylon

And, Roving medley, a lovely soft roving of pure British Bluefaced Leicester

And for Fibre Adventure club members, BFL roving, Soy silk and some beautiful Suri alpaca fleece.

And in case you were wondering why I chose this name for the colourway, check out the photo that was the inspiration, a fabulous photo of a Norwegian sunset taken by Thomas Laupstad. Isn't it just beautiful?

1 comment:

Crobbles said...

I saw a couple of the sock club skeins when I last visited and was drawn to the colour, so rich and warm. I wondered where the name had come from. It's a glorious photo :-)

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