Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Club pics catch-up - April - Delphinium

Erm, have to hold my hands up here and say that, contrary to the name, this month's colourway was inspired, not by the beautiful plant, but by a stack of multi-coloured plastic crates in lovely shades of blue and purple that I use for packing stuff for shows (anyone know the emoticon-thingy for embarrassed?). As "purple and blue plastic crates from Wilkinsons in the sale" didn't sound very arty, I chose a more aesthetically pleasing name - hope no-one minds!

Anyway, the sock yarn was in my brand new, alpaca/wool/nylon blend. I'm tempted to borrow the words from a well-known advert (the one with the cute puppy - soft, strong and very... - well, you know the one), but it really is super-soft, with strength from the nylon, sproinginess from the wool and softness, wearability and lustre from the alpaca. I've been making both sock weight and DK weight socks in this yarn and it is heavenly to knit with. (Look out for the new DK sock pattern collection at Woolfest).

Roving medley this month was Bluefaced Leicester - one of my favourite all-round great fibres.

And for Fibre Adventure club members there was Bluefaced Leicester roving, merino/silk blend top and a bundle of floofy texel fleece.


Crobbles said...

Nom, nom, nom!
Divine colours :-)

Debbie said...

Thank you : )

There is a skein awaiting a volunteer for a test-knit sock if you're interested ; )

Hope you had fab hols - must meet up soon xxxx

Crobbles said...

Oh yes, that sounds exciting :-)
Will call you soon x x

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