Monday, 11 January 2010

When your house smells like wet sheep...'s time to call..... "Incense Man"!

Got some more lovely nag champa incense cones for Christmas so thought I'd have a nice, meditative half hour before I hit the workshop again to tackle fleece two and dye batches two and three (and four if I can manage it). That and the fact that if anyone calls they might keel over with the niff of soggy fleece (oops). Bit of an "acquired taste" that one.

(Oh, and this is Wisp my incense dragon. The cone goes on the inside and the smoke comes out of his mouth - neat, huh?).


Mousy Brown said...

Wet sheep - better or worse than indigo and woad?!!

Debbie said...

Ooh, tricky call! Think sheep is a bit better (and the lanolin does make my hands nice and soft!).

Crobbles said...

Wisp is adorable!

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