Thursday, 11 June 2009

Sock blanks are now socks!

I am surely on a roll this week with the piccies. Here is the first batch of socks knitted up from my sock blanks. I'm hoping to have the blanks available for sale shortly, hopefully for Woolfest. Of course, one has to test new products before selling them - it's a tough job.....

First we have.... the rainbow sock(s). The blank was painted partly in stripes and partly in dots and dashes. You can just about see the dashes in red and blue in the close-up above.

Next up, blues and pink. Painted in a combination of stripes and diagonals. The sock has a princess sole (knitted in reverse stocking stitch), perfect for delicate little cherubs like me who find the purl bumps a bit rough on my gentle feet (everyone say aaaah!).

And last but not least, raspberry pinks. Another wide stripe done in toning shades just using different dilutions of the same shade.

I kept small samples of the blanks so if you're at Woolfest mosey on over for a look. It's really interesting how different the blanks look compared to the finished socks. And here I have to make a confession - I didn't knit the socks - so a big thank you to Julia who deserves a medal for her commitment to sock knitting over the last few weeks. (Oh, and there are a couple more in the pipeline which I haven't photographed yet).

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ambermoggie said...

they look good Debbie especially the rainbow ones:)

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