Wednesday, 13 May 2009

New sock pattern

Or at least it will be, as soon as I wrestle the heel into submission. I'm not a fan of short row heels (they never seem long enough even tho' I only have size three hobbit feet!) but the toe-up heel flap method is also not proving ideal as I'm using a cotton yarn and it leaves the heel with a bit of a ridge right at the cup of the heel. The lack of stretch in the cotton also means that the cast-off at the cuff is either waaay too tight or much too loose. I've tried all manner of cast offs, none of which seem to fit the bill (yet).

On the plus side, I do love the pattern stitch. It's a cocktail of different stitches that I've combined together and I really like the way they work. Just need to crack the dratted heel and sort the cuff.....and keep reminding myself that it will be worth it as the yarn is soooo soft. Right, deep breath - just time to frog that heel before tea....

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