Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Pre-Wonderwool quickies - first Earthues workshop

A couple of quick updates before Wonderwool fever takes over completely...

The first Earthues workshop in our new venue in Sale was great fun. The hall is massive so we had plenty of elbow room, which is just as well as everyone was very busy producing sample sets and scrummy yarns. A special thank you to my first visitors Vicky, Ceri and Rachel who made it such an enjoyable day.

As ever the girls put me to shame with fabulous pics and completed items in near-record time. I put this down to the fact that I can't teach and take photos at the same time (put me down as a fail for multi-tasking abilities).

Vicky brought along some gorgeous knitted hearts made after our last workshop. Inspired by these are the cute little hearts which Ceri made from her naturally dyed yarns.

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