Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Pre-Wonderwool quickies 2 - Chester zoo

All work and no play makes Debbie a dull girl so we took a well-earned trip out to Chester Zoo over the Easter hols. We hadn't been since Will was small so it was amazing to see so many changes and improvements there have been to the habitats. Although I have reservations about zoos, Chester does everything it can to make the animals lives as interesting as possible and does lots of beneficial work re-introducing animals to the wild. I guess given the plight of many of our most familiar animals it's a trade-off we have to live with until animals' native habitats are restored and protected. (Hops off soap box).

Highlight of the visit was the twilight zone. The bats were amazing and were so active we could feel them whooshing past us in the semi-darkness. Watching them swoop and dive between the visitors was incredible. The elephants were great, wallowing in a huge mudbath and spraying each other with mud. When the babies (ok, calves), followed the mums out of the bath they all trooped off in a line - it was like a scene from a disney movie!

Candy floss was the order of the day for the boys (hot coffee for me, thank you very much!) - how they weren't sick on the way home I'll never know....

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Crobbles said...

The Twilight Zone was Perran's favourite bit. We must have gone trough three times on our last visit. She'd wait until we were as far away as possible then ask to go in again!

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