Friday, 1 November 2013

It's all indigo-go-go!

Having a tidy up of my picasa albums and I was very pleased to find some pics I thought I'd lost! They are from my Nature's Beautiful Blues Indigo & Woad workshop - which I was invited to run by the North Cheshire Guild of Spinners, Weavers & Dyers earlier in the year.

North Cheshire is my "home" Guild and it's a lovely, friendly group - I've learned so much from my fellow members over the years (over 20 of them!) and we've had some fantastic speakers, tutors and events. Indeed, I became a dyer following a dyeing workshop with Frances and Tony Thompson on my second meeting, way back in about 1990! I'd heartily recommend any textile enthusiast to check out their local Guild -but be careful, you never know where it may lead..... :-)

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