Sunday, 21 October 2012

And last (but by no means least!)...The Peatbog Faeries

Taking the mood way, way north of the border for our final gig of the week and it's the turn of electro-modern folk band from the Isle of Skye, The Peatbog Faeries. The gig was at the Waterside in Sale, a far cry from Club Academy. Of particular note (apart from the band, obviously) was the interval, complete with - wait for it - yes, pre-ordered interval drinks! Very civilised for a gig! We felt quite decadent collecting our drinks whilst watching the bar queue stretch further along the bar. Awesome!

Don't let this fool you, tho'. The band turned out some great tunes and the crowd were loud and enthusiastic. Judging by the amount of dancing that was going on, Pete appears to be fully recovered from his broken foot! Check out the Naughty Step if you're not sure how it goes when a bagpipe-toting, pipe and violin-playing band, complete with one member sans shoes and another with a part-missing digit, get together and rock it out!

The Naughty Step..

Why do great gigs all come together in three's like buses? Sheesh, I'm off to rest my dancin' feet ('til Sonic Boom Six next week anyway....)

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Tracey said...

Mr T and I saw the Peatbog Faeries a couple of years ago and loved them.

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