Monday, 23 July 2012

Wonderwool 2012

I know this was in April but it's taken this long for me to thaw out! Only kidding, but good golly it was cold. By the end of the weekend we were wearing pretty much every knitted sample we could lay our hands on from the samples we had with us - the blanket and the shawl only escaped because they were already pinned to the wall!

Here we have Pete modelling the tasselled ski hat, matching scarf and funky knit mitts....

 And I am sporting more funky knit mitts, a slipstitch beret in lovely warm bfl aran and a warm cowl made in our gorgeous mohair/wool/nylon boucle - a single skein of hand-dyed coziness!

 Thanks go to the folks at the coffee stand for hot and tasty coffee and hot chocolate...yum!

1 comment:

Guzzisue said...

I agree about the cold !! we usually camp and spend two days at the show be for once I was quite glad it was just a day visit x

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