Monday, 5 March 2012

My spinning mojo... back!

After receiving two lovely braids of fibre from Helen at MyHeartExposed in the Christmas Ravelry Swap 2010, I got off to a great start and quickly notched up my initial skein. Then life happened and this was accompanied by no time/inclination to spin.

I am pleased to report, however, that I am now back on the horse. This year I'm determined to be disciplined and make some time for myself to go our Guild meetings and I'm actually enjoying spinning again.

So much so that I have now spun one braid and am making good headway into braid two. In theory there is enough fibre to make two pairs of socks, however, having plied the first braid, I'm not sure if it's fine enough to give me the yardage I'll need. This is both good news and bad - bad because I can't get started on my socks (boo), but good because it's an excellent incentive to get on and finish braid two (yaay!).

My plan is to knit in random stripes from each skein such that any colour variations will be artistically intentional rather than an "oh dear she obviously ran out of yarn" moment. We shall see.

So we started with this....

Double it to create this.....

And then ply into this.....


My Heart Exposed said...

beautiful skeins Debbie, cant wait to see them knitted :)

Debbie said...

Thanks Helen,
Started knitting at the weekend. Just some easy-on-the-brain 2 x 2 ribs but looking pretty so far : )


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