Thursday, 1 December 2011

U is for...Updates

...sock and fibre club updates to be specific.

It was actually someone else who mentioned that I haven't posted any pics of my club yarns and fibres for absolutely ages and when I looked back in the archives (brushes off cobwebs and sneezes at rising dust cloud), I haven't done an update since January! My bad : (

Rather than crash everyone's internet with the pic-heavy post of the year, I'll do this tranches over the next couple of days. Starting with February then we had...

My Funny Valentine

(sock club inexplicably missing - if anyone has a pic, either the yarn or finished project, do let me know!)

Roving Medley - sproingy Corriedale

 Fibre Adventure Club - Corriedale roving, Portland fleece, silk throwsters waste and merino silk roving


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