Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Movember needs you!

My Mobro's (the DH and DS) have been taking part in Movember this month. If you haven't encountered Movember yet, you can find out more here. Essentially, throughout November guys grow Moustaches to raise vital funds for research into treatments for men's cancers and raising awareness of men's health issues.

As they go into the final week, the Mobro's would really appreciate some moral support (they are getting a bit fed up with having itchy fuzzies!). So, if you're on twitter,  a tweet to @punkduck66 would be fantastic, or a comment here on the blog would give them a much-needed boost.

And if you have a 50p gathering its own fuzzy fluff in the bottom of your handbag/pocket or down a settee cushion, the team would be able to put it to good use for a great cause at their justgiving page. You can turn your fuzzy 50p into a valuable donation here at Team Moustaches of the Living Dead

Strangely, I'm getting rather attached to the facial fuzz so I'm kinda hoping it may stay, but in case it doesn't here's a pic of the "Mo" to date.....

Go Mo!

1 comment:

NorthernDyes said...

I've been telling him from the start it'll become more permanent than he thinks! JW got his mustache the same way. (He's had a goatee since college, but never a full beard or mustache until he grew one just to see what happened and I decided it was staying.)

Besides, what will he do with that new beard trimmer if he shaves it off? That would be wasteful...

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