Thursday, 4 August 2011

L & M are for.... Last Minute....

From Summer School - Wednesday - Sock blanks
...preparations for Summer School. Cheating here and catching up with both L and M in the ABC meme but it's been a whirlwind couple of weeks! I'm whizzing round measuring/packing/weighing/skeining/labelling and writing handouts for my course next week so I hope you'll forgive a rather "functional" blog post this week.

I'll be teaching "Dip, Paint, Print, Resist" - a full week's dyeing extravaganza. I have lots of exciting projects and exercises planned and a full complement of 15 lovely students to work with so it should be lots of fun. We'll be "immersing" ourselves (sorry, terrible dyer's pun there!) in dip-dyeing, handpainting, self-striping, resist dyeing, faux fairisle, ball-dyeing and anything else I can squeeze into the timetable!

If you're in the Edinburgh area there's a supplier's fair on the Saturday (10am-4pm) with some of your favourite traders, including Pete and my good self, The Yarn Yard, Ripples, Scottish Fibres, Don Porritt and Michael Williams. There will also be an exhibition of students' work and the work from the Certificate of Achievement so do come along to St Margaret's University (Capital Campus) and say hello!

In other news - work is progressing on the OCA Textiles Degree Course - still on Assignment One and wrestling with the unfamiliar territory that is sketching but making some headway. There'll be a separate blog for the OCA work for those who might be interested but I'll post a link here when I find a few moments to get things up and running.

And last but not least, catch up on other (more timely) ABC memer's here


Susan D said...

Look forward to following your OCA blog, I'm half way through Textiles 1: Exploring Ideas

Christine said...

I'm another one keen to follow your course progress

Debbie said...

Hi Susan, I've been following your blog and finding it really useful so thanks for the comment and for keeping such a great blog!

Debbie said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for the comment :)

I'm finding the course quite challenging, esp. fitting it in around a busy life, but I'm determined to get there! Are you thinking about the course/have done something similar?

Christine said...

Hi Debbie,
just stumbled across your answer to my comment. I am considering the OCA course, (the last few evenings have been spent googling for student blogs)

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