Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I is for....Inspiration

This post was going to be about where I get the inspiration for my design ideas and colourways as it's a question I'm often asked. However, I went to see my son's GCSE artwork this week and I thought I'd share some of his inspirational artwork instead as I'm so proud of what he has achieved.

We had a shaky start to art in year 7 as Will didn't really gel with his teacher. This created a crisis of confidence in years 8-9, so I was surprised when art was one of his chosen GCSE subjects. Since then we've had, it's fair to say, a few hairy moments when deadlines were looming and sketchbooks were worryingly empty (!), but he got there in the end and I was delighted when his art teacher was really impressed with his work.

His inspiration for his first project was the jabberwocky. I have lots more fabulous sketches but the school keeps these until October so here is one of the finished drawings. You can't see from this pic but the image is made up of many pages, each one with a different part of the drawing, layered to create a 3d effect.

He then went on to design and make a helmet, inspired by the vikings....

And, my personal favourite, the students had a brief to make a cuckoo clock. Will loves steampunk and I love this piece as it really captures the essence of one of my favourite art genres. (The brief was to work entirely in white hence no colour!). It has such beautiful detail but I didn't have much time for photos so I've put the finished piece and one of his sketches above and a not very good close-up photo here, so hopefully you get the general idea...

And all this from someone who insists he is no good at art! Well done, Will!

The letter "I" is brought to you by the ABC meme. See more fab memes here


Crobbles said...

Well done Will, inspiring work indeed.

Christine said...

I love seeing the progress from inspiration to design. Yay Wil!

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