Friday, 31 December 2010

Year-end round-up part two - Gig time!

Nights out here at Tomkies Towers are like buses - nothing for ages then, in this case, 4 in a week (yes, four!).

First was Faithless at the MEN Arena. At the front, dance-til-you-drop, sing at the top of your voice awesomeness. We've seen them several times now and wouldn't miss this one for anything!

Maxi emerges and the crowd go wild....
What must it feel like to stand there in front of such a huge crowd all going crazy? 

 See the lights in the bottom there? We're just behind the one furthest away, within touching distance of the stage.
 And from the stands (not our pic, obviously, but gives you an idea of the sheer size of the crowd).
 And the man himself. He is 150% energy on stage!
Was it worth the 25 mins bar queue, £3.80 for a can of beer, 30 mins waiting for a tram and the freezing walk home with no coat? You betcha!!

Next up, Pendulum at Manchester Central, supported by Hadouken. Our first time for both these bands and one might think this isn't my musical taste at all being heavily influenced by drum & bass. But live? they rock! It took a while to worm our way to the front and it was definitely more mental moshness than Faithless, but wow! Manchester Central is probably my fave overall Manchester venue (apart from the beer prices!) - plenty of space, lots of room at the bar (MEN take note) and lots of loos - I am easily pleased!

But back to the important stuff, the bands...

And Pendulum from further back...
 And Pendulum from closer to the front...
No pics from closer as there was barely enough room to raise an arm let alone take a photo.

For those of you who want to share a bit of the moshpit feeling without needing to be there, throw some beer over your head, put the heating up, turn the lights down, hands in the air, click here and dance.....

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Crobbles said...

You Rock Chick!
These guys are new to me, I'll have to check them out.
I haven't been to a live concert since before P was born. I wonder what/when the next one will be?

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