Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Summer School - Day One, the first...

My blogging skills must be improving as I'm writing this from our room in the college at Summer School and I've managed to log onto the college wifi network, set up a googlemail account, uploaded a bunch of pics to picasa and write this post! So it's welcome to the 21st century for me!

We (that is Julia and I), have been having a fabulous time. We arrived Sunday with two cars crammed full of equipment, materials and the entire shop for the trade fair. After a lovely evening meal we met our fellow tutors then all our students. A quick bottle of wine in the room while we prepped for Monday and it was off to bed.

Up early Monday and by 9.30 everyone was busy making swatches. By lunchtime the first dyed skeins were hanging on the line, sets of skeins dyed using "easy-striping" in two colours and three colours. After a yummy lunch it was onto ball-dyeing, turning snow-white balls of white bfl/alpaca boucle yarn into balls of candyfloss-coloured skeins of floofiness. (Rumours of strange religious ceremonies being practised by Liz and Andrea are greatly exaggerated despite how it may appear in the photos!) Speaking of which, as I'm a bit short on time (and need some sleep!), I've just uploaded a complete set of all the pics to a picasa album so if you would like to see what we've been up to, stop by and have a look.....

ps. I'll fill you in on today's exploits tomorrow (because I can't type any mooooorrree.......zzzzzz)

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Crobbles said...

Wish I was there :-)
It looks wonderful.

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