Friday, 17 October 2008


So, I've been watching the health and vitality channel and enjoying a bit of yoga. (You'll note I said watching here, not doing). Anyways, I thought I'd give a couple of postures a try to see if I could still do any without keeling over. Despite nearly toppling over into the telly during downward facing dog (I'll let you google that one, but it is a real exercise, honest), I realised how much I used to enjoy it. As luck would have it the leisure centre runs a class Thursday evenings so a quick call to Julia and we headed off in our tracky bottoms for a bit of bending and stretching.

Sneaking past the mega-blaster-uber-hyper aerobics class (glitter ball and disco lights, full-on, full volume disco music and teachers who wouldn't look out of place in special ops), we settled down on our mats for some rather more peaceful exercise.

It was great! We might not have been as hot and sweaty as our aerobic counterparts (no bad thing) but yoga still counts and is harder than it looks - and it’s even harder when your friend is next to you sniggering and making you laugh so the rest of the class stare at you and you know they’re just thinking what peasants you are because you’re not taking it seriously : )

Roll on next week!

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