Sunday, 14 September 2008

Cauldrons of colour....

I forgot to mention that the Ulster Folk Museum, apart from being a superb location for a guild, has lots of hands-on activities and demonstrations going on in reconstructed shops, streets and houses. So, visitors are used to wandering around and seeing "live" people working in the buildings. Needless to say, we had lots of curious tourists enquiring what we were doing and whether we were part of the museum!

Now, spinners are no strangers to questions about sleeping beauty and I'm sure I'm not the only one to have been asked if I'm a witch, but anyone listening to our animated lunchtime discussion of herbs, dyeplants and medicinal uses of plants would have been forgiven for thinking we should have been wearing pointy hats and stirring cauldrons!

As Pete patiently sorted a kaleidoscope of yarns onto sample cards, skeins and fibres were emerging from pots at a rapid rate and the variety of colours was amazing. We had fibres from all corners of the world, linen, bamboo, soy, wool, camel, silk and more. The most exciting thing about workshops for me is seeing everyone's individual styles and colour combinations - I'm sure I learn at least as much as I teach!

A huge thank you to the Guild for inviting me along and for being such a great bunch of people to
work with. And thanks, too, for the lovely lunches!


wooldancer said...

wow, that dyepot looks positively swimmable! have you got fabric in there with wool too? i found your blog via a ravelry post about dyeing manmade fibers.. something i like to do myself. i can see i would have loved your workshop!

Debbie said...

We did dye fabric as well as fibres and yarns. This was some linen and cotton, I think.

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