Thursday, 31 July 2008

Fones don't float

Or, multi-tasking is not always a good thing.

So, I have a big dye-batch to finish and the mobile rings. I can see it's Pete calling so I gingerly balance the phone against my ear, dye gloves still on and dripping dye.

Explaining my predicament, we agree to speak later, only, as I close the phone (one of those annoying slidey ones), it makes a break for it and shoots straight out of my hand. I can see it, slow-motion style, heading straight for the full bucket of dyebath water, and ploosh! - direct hit - straight to the bottom!

I haul it out pdq and wrap it in a towel. Somehow I've called Pete back and I can hear his voice, sounding like he's at the bottom of a swimming pool. Then it goes dead and there's just a sad fizzing noise : (

So for now, it's back to my trusty Nokia brick which, I have to say, spent half an afternoon submerged in a bucket of rainwater in the garden and made a full recovery, so there may yet be hope. Maybe it's time for one of those handsfree earpiece gadgets....

1 comment:

Crobbles said...

You need an i-phone! I have just inherited Laurie's old one. How mad is that? They have only been out a few months and it's old!

My sister washed her phone in the machine twice. It survived one go, but died the second time.

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