Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hand-turned spinning tools

Courtesy of my very talented father-in-law, I now have some lovely spinning wheel orifice hooks for sale. Each one is unique and they are all hand-turned in different woods. I also have some niddy-noddys and nostepinnes but haven't managed to photograph these yet, but they will be appearing soon.

Here they are in close-up. As you can tell, I took these, not Pete so they are a bit "basic" : )


petet66 said...

I think your photos are lovely! Who is this tyrannical husband who claims to be the only one with photographic prowess? He sounds like a devil man for sure... xxx

Crobbles said...

You didn't show me these today!
They are very lovely. So nice to have something unique. I'll be after a niddy noddy for certain.

Thanks for a lovely lunch by the way. Next time I won't leave my knitting in the car!

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