Friday, 19 October 2007

Sneak preview - yummy new yarns!

My friend, Julia and I, took a break from moving boxes yesterday to dye some new yarns I received last week. Here are our results.....

When this lush, ultra-fine yarn dropped through the letterbox I couldn't believe it was handspun. It is so fine, yet so strong. The yarn is handspun from silk and goat fibres by hill farmers in the Ukraine. I was also sent a knitted stole made from the yarn - it is just divine! When I can bear to wind it into a ball (instead of just admiring it), I'll post a pic of it knitted up.

Next up was a new sock yarn. It's 90% alpaca/10% nylon and is really lovely. The colours remind me of LoveHearts or rainbow crystals (ooh, showing my age now!). I'll be selling this undyed and plan to have a sock kit for it soon, but it's so irresistible, I might dye some up and sell it ready-dyed too.

Last but not least, we just had time to dye some new Bluefaced Leicester roving before our "dial-a-curry" arrived. The pic is a bit dark but you get the general idea. I might just have to spin a bit of this over the weekend just to "make sure" it spins up okay ; )

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